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Meet the Announcer

Holly BralyHolly Braly started in radio in 1998 as a classical music announcer at KEDT/KVRT. She worked as a DJ for KKBA (K-Bay) 92.7 where she hosted Michael & Holly in the Morning with Michael Rhodes. She has provided her voice talents to preproduced commercial spots and live radio programs. Holly is a pianist, and teaches private lessons as well as group piano classes. She remains active with KEDT, returning to help during pledge drives, and now recently as the announcer for Science and the SeaTM.

Radio Program Credits

The Science and the SeaTM radio programs are produced by The University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, Texas.

Executive producer:

Dr. Lee Fuiman, Director, University of Texas Marine Science Institute

Producer:Damond Benningfield


 Holly Braly
Audio:Shayna Brown, Tequila Mockingbird Music and Sound Design
Script coordinator:Heather Herrick, University of Texas Marine Science Institute
Writer:Damond Benningfield
Distribution: Casey Walker, StarDate Productions
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