On the Air: April 26, 2015
A cannonball jellyfish. Credit: Dauphin Island Sea Lab

A jelly ball sounds irresistible — until you realize the flavor isn’t grape, strawberry, or peach. That’s because “jelly ball” is a nickname for a type of jellyfish — the cannonball. It’s about as wide as a small pizza, and shaped like a mushroom. But even though it’s not that appetizing to most American palates, the cannonball has become a popular target for the fishing industry along the southeastern coast of the United States.

In Print: April 1, 2015
Almost one million years ago, North Atlantic currents and northern hemisphere ice sheets underwent changes. Credit: NASA

Just under a million years ago, a major pattern in Earth’s climate suddenly changed. Instead of having an ice age about every 41,000 years, the cycle switched to about every 100,000 years – and the cold periods had even lower average temperatures than the previous ones. What caused the interval between ice ages to double?