On the Air: July 20, 2014
Before and After images from Hurricane Sandy taken in North Carolina. Credit: USGS.

The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season was puny. The total number of named storms was about average, at 13. But there were only two hurricanes, which was the lowest number since 1982, and for the first time since 1994, there were no hurricanes of category 2 or stronger.

In Print: July 1, 2014
Salt marsh in Redfish Bay, Texas. Credit: Charles Foster, University of Texas Marine Science Institute.

When we think of a pristine shoreline, we don’t usually picture man-made structures in the scene, but jetties and retaining walls are common sights along many waterways. Waves that continually crash against the shore release energy that can erode waterfront property. Bulkheads, retaining walls, and revetments are designed to protect shorelines by minimizing erosion. Over time, however, these structures may actually increase erosion by altering nature’s ability to replenish sensitive coastal areas.