On the Air: January 25, 2015
The Indo-Pacific Warm Pool shown in orange. Credit: NASA

The world’s biggest hot tub isn’t in Cancún or South Beach or even Las Vegas. Instead, it extends almost half-way around the world, from the east coast of Africa to the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The water in the heart of this band peaks at about 86 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the warmest ocean water on the planet.

In Print: January 1, 2015
This female octopus spent four and one half years brooding her eggs on a ledge near the bottom of Monterey Canyon. Image credit: © 2007 MBARI

At 21 months, elephant pregnancies last more than twice as long as human pregnancies, and frilled sharks carry their embryos for 42 months – twice as long as elephants. But the deep-sea octopus has every animal on the planet beat when it comes to her unborn young. Researchers recently observed a deep-sea octopus mother brooding her eggs for 53 months – a whopping four and a half years.