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Our radio program series is distributed to a broad network of radio stations across the country. You can also listen to individual programs as podcasts and downloadable MP3 files.

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The next time you visit one of the sparkling white beaches of South Florida, you might want to take a few precautions when you leave. Make sure you empty the sand from your shoes and shake it out of your swimsuit and towel...
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The box jellyfish doesn’t look very threatening. Its delicate cube-shaped “bell” measures only a few inches per side, while its tentacles look like long strands of spaghetti.
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Doctors tell mothers-to-be that a healthy diet helps ensure a healthy baby. That same rule applies to other creatures as well. A recent study of red drum, for example, found that spawning fish need a diet rich in fatty acids at the right time to produce healthier eggs.
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When Benjamin Franklin crossed the Atlantic Ocean, he was no idle passenger. Among other tasks, he plotted water temperatures by dropping a thermometer over the side of the ship.
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In the oceans, one organism’s trash may be another’s treasure. Bits of plastic that wash into the sea can choke or entangle birds, turtles, and other large creatures. But they may also be perfect homes for microscopic creatures, who can turn a plastic chip into a thriving colony – an ecological niche known as the plastisphere.
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Grand Cayman Island is a popular spot for divers. The small Caribbean island offers clear waters, and it’s surrounded on all sides by sheer walls – rock faces that drop hundreds of feet.
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We’re surrounded by alarm clocks these days. They’re on our bedside tables, our computers, and our phones – electronic reminders to get up and get going. But perhaps our most important clock is a biological one – an internal system that regulates how our bodies work, tied to the 24-hour rhythm of night and day.
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An oyster shell is like a time capsule – it holds information about the world in which it was created. And finding the key to that capsule may help scientists learn more about our planet’s changing climate.
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Life in the oceans is packin’ up and movin’ out – looking for a new place that’s a lot like the old one. Marine life is also starting families a little earlier, and letting those summer vacations linger a little longer.


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The sand that squishes between your toes or works its way into uncomfortable places in your swimsuit is a little different for every beach. That’s because it comes from different sources – everything from coral reefs to mountain ranges.
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