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Our radio program series is distributed to a broad network of radio stations across the country. You can also listen to individual programs as podcasts and downloadable MP3 files.

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The frogfish is a master of deception. It can disguise itself as a rock, a bit of coral, or even a sea urchin as it lies in wait for unsuspecting prey. When a potential meal gets close, it dangles a lure that looks like a wiggling worm or a small shrimp.
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The East Scotia Ridge sounds like something straight out of Jules Verne. It’s an isolated realm in the Southern Ocean where hot, chemical-rich water jets from below the ocean floor.
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The phrase “oysters on the half shell” may take on a whole new meaning in the years ahead. The oceans are getting more acidic, making it harder for oysters and other creatures to make their shells. In fact, it’s already happening.


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Hurricane Bertha never got close to the United States, but it was a killer nonetheless. The storm meandered around the North Atlantic in July of 2008. It stayed hundreds of miles off the U.S. coast. Even so, it killed three swimmers in New Jersey...
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The smell of bacon sizzling in a frying pan, pizza baking in the oven, or burgers charring on the grill can instantly set the mouth to watering. For young loggerhead turtles, though, it’s the smell of boiling cabbage.
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Wake Island is a tiny American presence in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Best known as the site of some fierce fighting in World War II, it covers just three square miles. Yet it gives the United States dominion over more than 150,000 square miles of the Pacific...
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Like a big-game hunter in an old jungle movie, the razor clam frequently plops into quicksand. In the clam’s case, though, it’s intentional the clam makes the quicksand to help it sink into the sandy floor of the shallow waters it inhabits.
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Tens of millions of people visit Florida’s beaches every year, and most of them come away with nothing worse than a sunburn. Yet the beaches can be hazardous especially those in the Panhandle.
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The frogs that are found in most American back yards fill up on flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. But a frog that’s found in southeastern Asia goes after slightly bigger quarry including small crabs.


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Many people get their hair trimmed a little closer to help beat the summer heat. And the same thing happens to our planet the north polar ice cap gets trimmed as the weather gets warmer.
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