On the Air: February 25, 2024

For the eastern North Pacific gray whale, it’s been an up-and-down few decades. The population had been decimated by whaling. Conservation efforts allowed the whales to rebound. But over the past few years, the numbers have dropped again.

There are two populations of North Pacific gray whales. One is on the Asian side of the Pacific Ocean. The other is along the coast of the United States and Canada.

Every year, the whales migrate 10,000 miles or more. They go from their summer feeding grounds, in the Arctic, to the coast of Mexico, where calves are born.

In Print: February 1, 2024

Two facts about cancer are constant across nearly all species on earth: the disease results from mutated cells growing out of control, and it’s not contagious. Or so scientists thought. Although scientists have learned in recent decades of two cancers that are contagious, one in dogs and another in Tasmanian devils, they’re now discovering that multiple cancers can spread like epidemics through shellfish populations, as well.