On the Air: January 29, 2023

Fjords are some of the most beautiful features on the planet. But they may not be all that beautiful deep down. They may release as much methane into the atmosphere as all the deep oceans combined.

Fjords are jagged notches in rocky coastlines. They formed as glaciers gouged deep into the rock. They’re small—they account for about a tenth of a percent of the total ocean surface. Most are fed by rivers or by streams from melting glaciers.

In Print: February 1, 2023

They don’t have the same incredible sense of smell and ability to sense electrical activity of nearby prey that sharks have. They don’t have the phenomenal eyesight of mantis shrimps, which can see far more colors than humans can. And they don’t use echolocation like dolphins and whales. So what secret weapon do seals use to find their prey in the dark waters of the sea? The answer might tickle your fancy: it’s their whiskers!