On the Air: September 28, 2014
More acidic ocean waters can damage corals, image A shows healthy coral, image B shows damaged coral. Credit: USGS

The oceans are probably in for some dramatic changes in the coming decades. They’ll get warmer and more acidic, and they may lose some of their oxygen as well – a trifecta that’s likely to be a losing bet for us as well as the oceans.

In Print: October 1, 2014
Sand tiger sharks are predators even before they are born. Credit: Tara Haelle, www.tarahaelle.com

Survival of the fittest has been a law of nature since the beginning of life, but sometimes that struggle begins earlier than we might think. For baby sand tiger sharks, the fight literally begins even before they are born.

The female sand tiger has two wombs, but she does not have litters twice as large as other sharks. In fact, she only gives birth to two particularly strong, feisty pups. Newborn sand tiger sharks have keen eyesight and sharp teeth that have already tasted the blood of their siblings – or half siblings.